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Hi!!! I'm Alex :) What romance novels have you read?? My favorite author is Stephanie Laurens :)

Hi, I’m Ally!

I’ll read anything that looks good on the library shelves. I just go at it like I’m in a candy store and fill a bag full of paperbacks. Usually about 70% I read and enjoy, the rest will lose me somewhere.

For historical I always enjoy Elizabeth Hoyt, Laura Kinsale and Julia Quinn. Authors who are hit or miss for me are Loretta Chase and Anne Stuart who I have to include because when they’re good they’re really really good.

Amanda Quick is my guilty historical romance pleasure because she repeats a lot of story elements in her books (brooding dark hero and spunky scholarly heroine) but they make me super happy.

For contemporary romance I will gobble up anything by Meg Cabot and Jennifer Crusie. Nora Roberts too. I think she does best when she’s writing Romantic Suspense or one of her many “the world’s gonna end unless we unite our awesome powers” trilogies.

Paranormal/Fantasy: I will always love Patricia Briggs’ werewolf series and anything Molly Harper writes. And Sharon Shinn, Gail Carriger and N.K. Jemisin.

And for YA Romance I am again all about Meg Cabot as well as Melissa Marr, Holly Black, Sherwood Smith, Cecil Castellucci and Cate Tiernan.

I know I am probably forgetting authors. I don’t think I’ve read anything by Stephanie Laurens but I know I’ve seen her name. That will be my next pick when I go back to the library.

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