Hot Aliens and Evil Queens

Apr 23

Rachel was way too good for douchebag Ross, pass it on

I’ll be honest tho

Most of the reasons why I don’t want to know what’s coming in the current season of GOT and the new Dragon Age

Is that I have been burned enough times by both that I’m expecting the worse and just want to find out organically

This isn’t going well at all for Game of Thrones

Apr 22

Crotchety Ally time

The older I get the less excited I get about “more new trailers and behind the scenes featurettes about up-coming games/movies/tv seasons”

I want it to be a surprise when it happens. If I want to see how you made it, I’ll watch after the fact.

Now get off my lawn with your previews

…Just not going to talk about anything anymore

…Just not going to talk about anything anymore

Just in case I wasn’t already annoyed about how when I wanted to talk about sex things I would be immediately followed by really vulgar pR0n$ blogs (I’m only spelling it that way so I don’t get followed again -_-)

Now when I talk about anime with uncomfortable fanservice/moe I get followed by uncomfortable blogs filled with both


I guess I just need to be a little more creative with my tags? But I want to tag correctly just in case when I’m talking stuff that’s not work-safe so…

At least neither of these are as bad when I talked about how illness was contributing to weight loss in a negative way and I was immediately followed by diet and fitness blogs

Apr 21


i love it when Lestat’s a jerk to you but the minute you’re a jerk to him he’s just like:


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Addendum: we didn’t try the volleyball anime so I will have to check that out too. Probably once I catch up on Kuroko.

So the bff and I spent a day trying anime from the new spring season and had no luck at all :/

The three that had potential all had a big stumbling block for us.

Cut for spoilers and some triggers I will also be tagging

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Apr 20


smooch smooch


smooch smooch

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