Hot Aliens and Evil Queens

Apr 15

Okay but also

If they had kept with the books and not have Jaime and Brienne show up till after the wedding we could have had a million “Jaime and Brienne show up late with Starbucks” memes floating around

I mean we still could but book fans are too busy parsing out the new chapter released by GRRM and show people wouldn’t get it so

Missed opportunities man


GOT 4 x 2

Big improvement from last week and a ton going on ahh

Also Jack Gleeson way to go you did an amazing job

Needed to find something fun at the library and ended up with the first circle of magic audiobook

I’ve never read Tamora Pierce besides an unsuccessful attempt with Trickster’s Choice (wasn’t really into it) but a lot of people on tumblr seem to love this series and so far it’s really cute. Plus it’s a full cast audiobook so lots of variety in the voices


Apr 14

Mass Effect tbh

Mass Effect tbh

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Apr 13






today someone told me they dont believe in the moon and i laughed for like 10 minutes but then i googled it and theres a lot of people who think that and now im not laughing. its all a fuckin lie man im not laughing at all.  

fuck the moon in my opinion. its shit

Good thing ripped shrek blew it up in that one anime


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Finally watched GOT 4x 1

It was decent. Not bad, not amazing. Continuously telling myself to think of it as a retelling rather than an adaptation to keep from getting agitated

Hoping to see some amazing reactions from tonight’s ep if what I think is going to happen happens